Al Ostoura is a star that shone in the sky of the hookah world during the past years. The name of Al Ostoura began to appear seven years ago as one of the products of the El-Saedy Foundation for the Industry and Trade of Smoke.  

Al Ostoura

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Al Ostoura started with a group of different flavors and developed until it reached nearly a hundred flavors that satisfy all tastes around the world.

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All of this was nothing but the harvest of continuous effort, conscious minds, and keenness to use and experiment with everything new in the world of molasses industry, with the almost unique distinction of using the finest and finest raw materials.

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To reach in the name of Al Ostoura to the world of the smoking manufacturers in the world, through our factories, which began in the bride of the Delta, the city of Mansoura, until the opening of the free zone factories in Shebin al-Kom, which were built on an area of 10,000 meters and accommodate a labor capacity of 2500 workers

Our factories used the finest French tobacco, which is supervised by specialists in its farms, to reach our factories with modern technologies in manufacturing and packaging to reach the highest quality level in which we compete with the market and even surpass many of them.

And the taste developed until it reached nearly a hundred taste that satisfies all tastes around the world, Al Ostoura is distinguished by the taste of natural fruits with high stability as well as the work of magic mixes of fruits with a unique character

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